Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell Review

Here is our review of the ir?t=bwd04 20&l=al1&o=1&a=B01M14IWAV - Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell ReviewCoolqiya Wireless Doorbell, a complete, top rated wireless doorbell that is an excellent choice if you are looking for a:

Waterproof/weatherproof wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbell for the hard of hearing

Expandable wireless doorbell - add more recievers/push buttons


Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell - Quick Overview

This is an excellent wireless doorbell if you are looking for an LED for visual alerts! It is also a great option if you need to expand your wireless doorbell with more receivers or more transmitters (push buttons). The Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell has a wide operating temperature range and is fully waterproof too!

Why Do We Love The Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell?

The Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell is an exceptional, dependable wireless doorbell that is the jack of all trades! Need 2 receivers? Need 3 receivers? How about more? Add over 10 receivers or push buttons to this wireless doorbell solution! Each pushbutton is IP55 rated, which means it can add being waterproof and weatherproof to its repertoire!

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Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell Review - Details

Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell Review

Current Price On Amazon: ir?t=bwd04 20&l=al0&o=1&a=B01M14IWAV - Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell Review$39.99


ir?t=bwd04 20&l=al1&o=1&a=B06Y21NV8B - Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell ReviewClick Here To Go To Amazon

What You Get In The Kit

Coolqiya Weatherproof Wireless Doorbell Kit

Download the Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell Manual Here!

3 * Receivers; 2 * Transmitters; 2 * 12V A23 Alkaline Battery in Transmitter

4 * Screws & Anchors; 1 * Mini Screw Driver

2 * Sticky Pads; 1 * User Manual

Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell Review - Additional Extras

Pros v Cons


  • Great In Cold Weather
  • 1000 ft range!
  • IP55, which means it will not break in the rain
  • Totally Expandable
  • 24-hour Customer Service


  • Doesn't have frequency blocking


Usually, we write things that you need to consider here in the review but in all honesty, there is not much you need to consider for the Coolqiya wireless doorbell.

It is a complete solution, with the exception of not having video integration!

The receiver and the transmitter flash when operated, which is excellent if you are hard of hearing, or you just like peace and quiet.

The volume range is 30 to 110dB, which is more than loud enough!


Coolqiya Weatherproof Wireless Doorbell Longrange

The advertised range for this wireless doorbell is 1000 feet, but you must remember that this distance is unobstructed.

Although that is a large range, you need to remember that there are certain objects that will interfere with the transmission of the wireless signal. Objects such as walls, electrical items, and even other wireless technology will weaken the signal as it passes through them.

1000 feet is much more than you are likely to need, and even if that range is halved due to other items, 500 feet is still plenty!


You will be pleased to know that one of the 52 chimes is the classic 'Ding Dong'.

Other 'tunes' include bird songs, dogs barking, classical music, piano music and yes...even a Christmas song!

You can set up different tunes for different push buttons if that is something you need to do.

Weather Proof

Coolqiya Weatherproof Wireless Doorbell

The ir?t=bwd04 20&l=al1&o=1&a=B01M14IWAV - Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell ReviewClick Here To Go To Amazon is rated IP55 against dust and water. In basic terms, it is more than waterproof enough for a very heavy rainstorm!

The working temperature range is also very wide, the ir?t=bwd04 20&l=al1&o=1&a=B01M14IWAV - Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell ReviewCoolqiya wireless doorbell is rated to work in temperatures between -30℃ and 70℃.

This is one of the best weatherproof doorbells we have seen.


Coolqiya Weatherproof Wireless Doorbell Dimentions

In terms of the hardware, the push button can be put on the doorframe using screws or adhesive tape, both of which are provided in the wireless doorbell kit.

The chime is simply plugged into a power socket.

To match a push button with one of the multiple receivers, simply follow these instructions:

1. On the receiver - pick the chime you would like as your alert.

2. Press and hold the volume button on the receiver, until you hear the 'ding'.

3. Press the push button you would like to match. At this point, you should hear the sound you have chosen.

You can also split this wireless doorbell kit into totally different wireless doorbell solutions by following these instructions:

1. Press and hold the 'forward' button on the receiver for around 5 seconds. It should 'ding' and flash.

2. That is it!


With the ir?t=bwd04 20&l=al1&o=1&a=B01M14IWAV - Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell ReviewCoolqiya wireless doorbell you will receive a 12-month warranty.

Not only do you receive a warranty, it is also backed up by a 24-hour customer support team, just in case you are having any issues with the device! They can be contacted at the following email address:


I have said it before in this review and I will say it again! The ir?t=bwd04 20&l=al1&o=1&a=B01M14IWAV - Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell ReviewCoolqiya wireless doorbell is an exceptional choice for everything you need in a wireless doorbell!

It is one of the top-rated wireless doorbells on Amazon and it is certainly top rated on here!

In fact, it has made it into our best wireless doorbell list for the being one of the best wireless doorbells with multiple receivers!


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