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Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

You need to protect your wireless doorbell from the elements! That means you need a waterproof wireless doorbell, and it is worth considering a wireless doorbell for cold weather too!

Let’s start with what needs to be waterproof……

The only part of your wireless doorbell that needs to be waterproof is the push button.

I doubt you will be plugging the chime in outside if there is a danger of rain!

The push button is the part of the wireless doorbell that is most likely to be outside. I say most likely, because, in some circumstances, you may have a push button indoors…in a garage etc.

Adding a push button outside will expose it to the elements….wind…rain etc. So what you need, is a wireless doorbell with a waterproof button!

Top 3 Waterproof Wireless Doorbells

Wireless DoorbellFeatures
Temperature Range: -30℃ to 70℃
Range: 1000ft
Waterproof: IP55 (Good)
Temperature Range: -30℃ to 70℃
Range: 100ft
Waterproof: IP55 (Good)
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Temperature Range: -20℃ to 60℃
Range: 1000ft
Waterproof: IP55 (Good)
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Top 5 Waterproof Doorbell Options

Number One: Wireless Doorbell By Tenswall 2nd version

Wireless Doorbell By Tenswall 2nd version Waterproof

This is a great looking wireless doorbell with some fantastic features.

Fully waterproof (IP55 Rating!) this wireless doorbell will continue to work, even if you put the push button in a downpour!

The different thing about this option is the 9 kinds of adjustable LED indicators settings! This is great if you like the doorbell on a quiet setting….or maybe you are hard of hearing?

With over 58 different chimes and has a working range up to 1,000 feet (300 meters).

Tenswall offers a 1-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you do not like it. Confidence is high that you will not need to send it back though!

Number Two: Coolqiya Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

Coolqiya Wireless Doorbell

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Coolqiya Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

We love the Coolqiya wireless doorbell because it is the jack of all trades and the master of them too.

In terms of being waterproof, the Coolqiya is rated IP55, which is one of the best ratings. You can be sure that this wireless doorbell will not fail in torrential rain!

The Coolqiya doorbell is expandable (up to 10 receivers), waterproof, loud, and has an awesome working range!

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, the bright LED will alert you to any visitors too.

The doorbell is backed up by a 24-hour customer service team and a 1-year warranty to boot.

Ket features include 52 different ringtones (including dogs barking, piano tunes and the classic ‘ding dong’). 4 volume levels, the possibility of working at over 100 feet, easy expansion to over 10 receivers, a working temperature range between -30℃~70℃ and an awesome IP55 waterproof rating! If you are looking for the best wireless doorbell, the Coolqiya should be top of your list, because it is top of ours!

Number Three: Bitiwend Wireless Doorbell Kit


Bitiwend Wireless Doorbell Kit

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Like all the options on this page, this wireless doorbell kit comes with 3 receivers, which means you are pretty much sorted for most situations!

Working up to 1,000 feet, this very clean looking kit will make sure you can hear your visitors from anywhere in your mansion!

Package List:

2 transmitter
3 receivers
2 screws&Anchors
1 screwdriver
3 double-sided adhesive tape
1 user manual
2 12V23A alkaline battery

Number Four: AVANTEK Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

AVANTEK D-3B Loud Wireless Doorbell

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This IP55 Rated Wireless Doorbell by Tenswall is the perfect choice if you are looking for a waterproof wireless doorbell!

With a working range of over 1,300 feet and a choice of 52 melodies to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

The IP55 rating pushes it above the IP44 rating that most wireless doorbells have.

It has an LED, for those who like to keep the volume low and it has 5 volume levels for those who do not!

The temperature working range is -20°C to 60 °C, so if you live is a cold, rainy climate, this is a perfect choice!

Number Five: Wireless Doorbell Waterproof Door Chime Kit


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This kit takes 5th place in our list, and it is a great looking wireless doorbell!

Package includes:
3 x Plug-in Receivers
2 x Waterproof Transmitters
1 x User manual
2 x Double-adhesive tape
2 x Battery 12V23A (not rechargeable)

The two push buttons are waterproof, which means you can use them outside without worrying about them being damaged by the rain. It works up to 900 feet away too!

Users can set up different chimes for each of the receivers, which also have LED for hard of hearing, or if you do not want to wake the kids/loved one!

The push buttons are IP44 rated.

How Do I Protect My Wireless Doorbell From The Wind?

Let’s face it, the wind will need to be pretty strong to cause any damage to your push button! If you have secured it correctly, you will not have any issues.

Unless of course, the wind blows something onto the push button!

What can you do to protect yourself against this?

Easy, don’t have a tree nearby…but let’s face it, if a tree is going to hit your front door, your concern for the push button will be insignificant compared to your concern for the rest of your house!

How Do I Know If My Wireless Doorbell Is Waterproof?

There is a rating in use to inform you of the level of protection your doorbell has against water and solids.

This is called the IP rating (Ingress Protection).

IP Rating – Ingress Protection

The IP rating always starts with the letters IP, followed by two digits.

For instance: IP44

We can break that down as follows:

IP – Ingress Protection

First Digit: This identifies the protection level of the enclosure against access to hazardous parts, and the ingress of solid alien objects.

The ratings are as follows:

0 – No protection.

1 – > 55mm Any large surface of the body. No protection against deliberate contact with a body part.

2 – >12.5mm Fingers, or similar objects.

3 – >2.5mm – Tools, thicker wires.

4 – Most wires, small screws and larger insects.

5 – Dust protected. Not entirely prevented, but will not enter in enough quantity to stop the push button working.

6 – Dust-tight, no dust will enter.

Second Digit: This identifies the level of protection for enclosure has against liquids.

The ratings are as follows:

0 – No protections.

1 – Dripping Water (Vertically falling drops).

2 – Dripping Water when tilted at 15°.

3 – Spraying Water at any angle up to 60°.

4 – Splashing of water from any direction.

5 – Water Jets – Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any direction.

6 – Powerful Water Jets – Water projected in powerful jets (12.5mm nozzle) from any direction.

6K – Powerful water jets with increased pressure.

7 – Immersion, up to 1 meter.

8 – Immersion, up to 3 meters.

9K – Powerful high-temperature water jets.

Let’s Have A Look At An IP Rating Example

Take the , which has an IP rating of IP55.

Using the information below, we can see that it is protected against:

IP – (Ingress Protection)

5 – Dust protected. Not entirely prevented, but will not enter in enough quantity to stop the push button working.

5 – Water Jets – Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any direction.

IP55 means we know it is more than sufficient for operating during a heavy rain shower!


There are so many options on the internet when you are looking for an excellent wireless doorbell, specifically with a waterproof rating! 

Being that most of us on this wonderful planet live in a climate where rain is possible, you really do need to make sure your equipment is protected against the elements.

Above we have the best 5 wireless doorbell options if you are looking for a waterproof button!

If you think we have missed any options, or you have had any problems with the 5 doorbells above, then please get in contact with us!

We need to keep this list up to date.

Also, we have the best wireless doorbell post which highlights some fantastic wireless doorbell options for all situations, so check them out!


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